nora lochridge

eleanor "NORA" lochridge

Nillson is a funny and kind girl. She loves the feeling of sinking the ball in to the hoop. She also loves the the kick of soccer balls and carving down hill on her skis. She loves drawing, too. She's the oldest of 3 sisters. She has one dog, one cat, and two fish.

  • When I grow up... I want to the first girl president of the U.S.A.

  • My favorite basketball player is... My dad.

  • My favorite food... Pizza and tacos.

  • I often dream of... Crazy things, funny situations, adorable endings.

  • My favorite movie is... Lilo and Stich.

  • My favorite color is... Lilo and Stich.

  • My dream super power is... shape shifting.

  • I get really happy when... I am with my family and friends.

  • The coolest place I have been to is... Hawaii.

  • My pets are...Nellie the Dog, Tuesday the Cat, Looney the Fish, Moon the Fish

  • I would like everyone to know that...I love to make friends and play B.ball.

My favorite basketball player

Michael Jordan, Bulls (R)

My favorite movie

my basketball artwork