nina kamark

nina "mouse" kamark

Nina is a friendly, hard-working and determined girl. She loves animals, learning new skills, and tiny things (like mice). She lives with her two dogs, four chickens, an older sister, and a mom and dad in a ranch house on 32nd Street. Some of Nina's favorite things to do are: reading, sports, school and playing outside. She wants to get better at layups and wants to try playing defense.

  • When I grow up... I want to either be an author or something else.

  • My favorite basketball player is... Muggsy Bogues because I like how even though he was short he still tried hard, and I have a friend with a dog named Muggsy (after THE Muggsy Bogues)

  • My favorite food... Cereal, cucumbers, and watermelon

  • I often dream of... meeting a koala or a tapir

  • My favorite movie is... I'm not sure but I like Sing 1 and Sing 2

  • My favorite color is... green, yellow, and purple

  • My dream super power is... turning into animals

  • I get really happy when... I get to try or learn something new

  • The coolest place I have been to is... Avalanche Ranch

  • My pets are...Frankie and Bear (the dogs) and Rosalind, Janie, Ood, and Lelu (the chickens)

  • I would like everyone to know that... I'm excited to start basketball

  • I would also like to share that...There might be mice in my pocket (although they are not technically real)

My favorite basketball player

Muggsy Bogues

My favorite movie

my basketball artwork