individual and small group Lessons

The goal of group Young Basketball workouts is to use this great game of basketball, to meet new friends, learn some of the basic aspects of the game, play games, and have a great time!! With that in mind and based on the various request from several parents of kids who are in the program and others, in addition to our weekly gatherings, I am starting to open up a limited number of slots for both Private lessons and Small Group lessons.@

The next level: As I tell the kiddos all the time: in order to really develop your skills at this awesome game, we need to work on on the fundamentals, continuous repetition, and work hard. But most importantly, they need to really understand what skills to work on, what areas to focus on when working on those skills, how to apply these skills in game situation, and work on weak points to make them stronger. All of this will contribute to their development.

Basketball is a complex multidimensional sport that is made up of many interconnected skills. Some of the fundamental skills that, when strategically applied, will contribute to an overall understanding and development of a player's capabilities are:

As with any sport, investing time, attention, and effort as early as possible while focusing on the fundamentals has the potential of tremendously increasing the rate of development of any player. So I invite those interested in learning the more complex aspects of the game of basketball from me in a fun, engaging, professional, and caring manner with Young Basketball Lessons

Group Lesson: Consists of small (2 to 6 players) group basketball workouts where the group shares a predefined set of more advanced drills and exercises to develop all dimensions and intricacies of the game of basketball.

Schedule: TBA (Will work with each parent upon sign up)

Session Investment: $40 per player (75 min.) - 

Private Lesson: Workout with me 1:1 in a private setting where my focus is to meet the player where they are and create exercises targeted at their own particular areas of development.

Schedule: TBA (Will work with each parent upon sign up)

Session Investment: $60 per player (75 min.)

Players may join as many first come first Served Group Lessons as they wish. To secure an available slot please contact me for reservation and payment information. You may come once a week, once a month, or sign up to every session where slots are available. Please contact us via email at for availability. Thank you!