Our program

The Structure: Unlike the sport season specific format that exists in every Rec center, I am building this program to most likely continue to run year-round. I am creating sets of twelve-week blocks so that I can have a structure in place and gauge the development and overall continuous interest of our little ones. During the first block or two, I will focus on fundamentals, language, spacing, etc. With the goal of creating a team structure that has everyone comfortable with the game by running drills and scrimmaging with each other in practice. The next step, and what will be really fun for them as they get more comfortable with playing with each other, is to sign them up for local leagues around our area where they can put their skills in action and continue to develop their camaraderie.

fe The Season

GROUP 1: Intermediate/Older Players: This monthly subscription format includes 8-9 Sessions per month of two hours each on Tuesdays and Thursdays evenings. Group 1 focuses on players who have some more intermediate to advanced skills and mostly made up of the older players in the program. Drills are more complex in nature, advanced strategies and techniques are the main focus.

GROUP 2: Beginner/Younger Players: This monthly subscription format includes 4-5 Sessions per month of two hours each, currently on Wednesday evenings. I’ve landed on two hours for this group as well because it allows me to slowly interact and engage with the players each day, warm-up, stretch, talk, get to know each other, and play related games in the beginning of each session; get to our “stations” where we will go through drills; and finally play a Basketball scrimmage games after that.

The Objective: The regular YMCA and/or Rec. Center leagues are a great place to get introduced to the game, run around and have fun with it. The goal of the Young Basketball Family Sessions is to take it a step further and develop fundamental skills of the game with a more structured and targeted approach. I have created drills and related activities that are age appropriate, and work to meet the players where they are by understanding their current level and figuring out what needs to be done to help each of them develop.

Outcome: Fun! That is why we play sports after all. Fun can come in many variants. It’s fun to see your new and soon to be old friends every week. It’s fun to learn a new skill. It’s fun to feel your body adjusting to a sport and see how quick you start to get better at it when you practice. It’s fun to interact with other parents who enjoy sports. It’s a lot of fun. Overall, it’s just fun to create yet another circle of friends outside of just your neighborhood, school, or town.

The Players (Young Ballers): We have a diverse group of incredible kiddos and most of the quorum have been with us from the very beginning. We have kids from different backgrounds, ethnicities, genders, ages and specially different needs and requiring distinct types of support. We are very inclusive, and do not discriminate on any basis. 

Furthermore: I also envision other team related activities such as going to a Denver Nuggets and/or CU game together, watching the Harlem Globetrotters, or just getting pizza together and having a laugh. Suggestions are welcome.

coach Cass Young

Cass is a former College/Professional Basketball player and Division 1 College assistant coach at Utah State University. He has had numerous years of experience coaching children through his college and professional career in places like Utah, Texas, Brazil, France, China, and Belgium. In the past years he has coached littles ones at Rocky Mountain Basketball camps, at the Erie Rec. Center league, and at the YMCA leagues. He loves this incredible game, and is passionate about working with young children while teaching them Basketball and most importantly all of the incredible experiences that playing team sports bring to everyone. 

"Though it takes an immense amount of work, effort, patience and dedication to run a high quality youth sports program, the rewarding experience that I get from seeing these kids look up to me while hungry to learn more, and the look in their eyes once they realize that they are getting better by working with me is what it is all about."

lil' assistant coach mayra Young

Mayra is a very smart little 5 year old girl who loves basketball like her brother Marley and her sister Lila. She is incredibly interested in the sport and wants to be a real coach just like her Grandpa one day. Mayra looks up to her brother Marley and sister Lila who both love to teach her everything they know, including the game of basketball. She was determine to be part of the Young Basketball program, so she go the position of Lil' Assistant Coach and will be helping during our Sessions. Here is some information about Mayra:

My favorite basketball player is my Brother Marley!

My Favorite Movie

youth coaching training, certifications, and Background check

WWW.TRUSTEDCOACHES.ORG: The Trusted Coaches program maximizes the probability that positive things will happen to young athletes!  First, by screening coaches.  Second, by giving them the tools to be effective.  Third, by creating an online National Coaches’ Registry that parents and associations can check. Trusted Coaches believes that more needs to be done to protect our children since young athletes do not have the power to protect themselves.  Parents and sports association administrators must be ever-vigilant in screening and monitoring those who coach kids.