makenzie hampton

Makenzie "kenzie" hampton

Makenzie loves to laugh and to learn new things. She loves to create art (specially drawings), loves to play basketball, and likes learning new tricks in gymnastics. She has a new found love for skiing. Family and friends make Kenzie happiest of all. Makenzie is excited to make lots of new friends with her Young Basketball group.Kenzie describes herself as kinds, thoughtful, and a girl who likes to help others.

  • When I grow up... I want to be a veterinarian, because there are lots of cute doggies that I want to help

  • My favorite basketball player is... Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, and Stephen Curry

  • My favorite foods are... pizza and macaroni and cheese

  • I often dream of... some day having a pet

  • My favorite movie is... Frozen II

  • My favorite color is... turquoise

  • My dream super power is... to be able to burp fire

  • I get really happy when... I get to see my friends

  • The coolest place I have been to is... Mexico

  • My pets are... hopefully coming soon :-)

My favorite basketball player

Kobe Bryant, Lakers

My favorite Movie

my basketball artwork