ian glockzin

ian "buckets" glockzin

Ian is a high energy 7 year older boy who loves to play outdoors and absolutely loves basketball. He's not shy and making friends comes easy. Ian also loves to draw and write stories about his friends and places he's been.

  • When I grow up... I want to be a famous basketball player

  • My favorite basketball player is... Steph Curry

  • My favorite food... Hot Dogs

  • I often dream of... Basketball

  • My favorite movie is... The Karate Kid

  • My favorite color is... Blue

  • My dream super power is... Invisibility

  • I get really happy when... My friends ask me to play

  • The coolest place I have been to is... Ninja Nation

  • My pets are... Two parakeets, Cabo and Manny

  • I would like everyone to know... "I play basketball every day!"

  • Anything else you would like to share?... I Love shooting baskets in my dirty clothes basket.

my basketball artwork