eliza von essen

eliza "Lizey" von essen

Eliza is a very fierce competitor and loves Basketball. She is very social and like to hang out with friends. When doing group activities she often likes to be the leader but is always happy to cheer on friends when they do well at something.

  • When I grow up... I want to be a WNBA star

  • My favorite basketball player is... Michael Jordan

  • My favorite food... Chicken Fingers

  • I often dream of... Being a basketball player

  • My favorite movie is... Home Alone

  • My favorite color is... Green

  • My dream super power is... having a sixth sense knowing when something is going to happen before it does

  • I get really happy when... I win a game

  • The coolest place I have been to is... the Oregon north coast

  • My pets are... a fish

  • I would like everyone to know that ... I have a good sense of humor

my basketball artwork